Quick Start Guide cover

Robo User Manual

Greetings, Maker!

Thank you for your purchase and welcome to the Robo family! You’ve found the online manual for all Robo products, from hardware to software. In here you will find just above everything not covered in the Quick Start Guide you’ve recieved with your machine. The printer pages are broken up into 4 sections: Getting Started, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

In our Maintenance and Troubleshooting sections we’ve provide useful tips on keeping your printer in top shape, and quickly resolving common issues. If you have any suggestions on material that should be covered or have suggestions in general, we welcome you to open an issue in Github here: https://github.com/Robo3D/support.robo3d.com/issues

Happy Printing,

Coby Kabili and Braydon Moreno, Robo Co-founders